Big Love - The Case of the Polyamorous Guy


Amongst the many fantasies of men, having sex with women would be at the top of their lists. But what if, men were given the opportunity to not just have sex with several women, he can even have a relationship with all of them, at the same time. Would a man take it? Or would he man up and claim that he’s only up for a monogamous relationship?

And while it is still considered a taboo in most countries, polyamorous relationships are having a hype of their own. By essence, a polyamorous relationship entails having multiple intimate relations with other people. Although the intricacy of having a multiple-partner relationship is still beyond man’s social comprehension, this kind of phenomenon arises because of our serially monogamous society. Since we were young, we’ve been told that we’re only allowed to love one person at a time and for married couples, one partner for the rest of their lives. But a lot of people are having a hard time loving just one person. For instance, the London escorts, based on their experiences, most of their clients were not into a monogamous relationship. While some may have, the rest of them are left to fall in love with several other people- the reason being, their culture and beliefs are way different than ours. Their perspectives towards love and relationships are more outgoing and liberated as they are. But we shouldn’t judge them for more often than not, we jump into prejudice when something unfamiliar comes our way.

Look at it this way, men fantasize about having sex with two women at the same time. Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston may just be Brad Pitt’s sexual fantasy, but an uncommon situation would be for a man to have that unique capacity to love not just one, but many women at the same time, in equal parts and intensity. Would you consider that situation a bad thing? When a man cheats, women get disappointed and society becomes bitter to men. When a man stays faithful, society is free to claim that he is gay. Believe it or not, men are more serial monogamists than women, because as men, we are afraid to be judged, we are not comfortable being looked upon in a different way other than being a man. And being a man entails a whole lot more than just being in a relationship with one woman.

Ultimately, when a man chooses to love a woman, or several women for that matter, it is his doing, his choice, and the people involved have had a consensual agreement to love each other in the best way they can.