Fake Pictures and the Truth


There are lot of cowboy agencies operating in London at the moment so you must ensure that you use a reputable agency like Diamond Escorts. Some of the agencies will lure you in with pictures of high class escorts and supermodel look a likes. When you call them to book your lady they will send you someone that may slightly resemble the escort from the picture, but will not be the lady you actually chose. This often leads to a disappointing and forgettable experience and leaves you feeling like you have been cheated out of your money.

If you visit one of these websites and only see pictures of models and porn starts then be very wary before making a booking and parting with your money. You may even be liable to pay a cancellation fee if you don't want to see the lady that they have sent you. It can often be a bit of a gamble booking with one of these agencies. You can never be sure what exactly will arrive.

A lot of the ladies choose to hide their identity by blurring the image of their face in the pictures. Don't worry though as this is usually just because they have family and friends that also live in London and they really don't want them to find out what they are doing. A lot of the London escorts like to keep this side of their lives private.

When you make the booking ask the receptionist if the pictures in the gallery are genuine. At Diamond Escorts all of the photos are real and recent. There is nothing worse than booking a lady who appears slim and slender in the picture only to discover when she arrives that the pictures were taken five years ago and she has now gained a lot of weight.

At Diamond Escorts all of the ladies are brought to the office so that the reception staff can see that they are using genuine pictures and that they still look like they do in the photos. Sometimes the photos are so heavily air brushed that they don't even resemble the actual lady. By using the art of technology they can take away any lumps and bumps, hide any tattoos and get rid of any blemishes. Although this makes a great photo, it does not give you an accurate idea of what the lady looks like.

All ladies who work at Diamond Escorts have their own pictures taken by the in house photographer. He tries to make them appear as natural as possible by not plastering their faces in make up.

If something looks too good to be true then it usually is. At Diamond Escorts you can be assured that the London escort you book will be the one that arrives at your door. Don't waste your hard earned cash with the agencies that are just looking to make a quick buck. Diamond Escorts want their customers to return again so ensure that they always give you exactly what you want.