Greed impacts on pride in Presentation


It is a very poor show when the authors of high profile London escorts agency websites cannot be bothered to check the content of their prime advertising media. There are too many occasions now where websites are published to a vast and ever increasing audience, with not just the odd grammatical or spelling error, but these sites are absolutely riddled with a profusion of illegible grossly presented texts. Spelling is often ignored and the context and content makes the website illegible. I know that the schooling system leaves a lot to be desired in some cases, but not to the degree found in some of the more colourful examples within this mass industry.

There are no excuses for bad spelling or poor grammar, or indeed literary construction, especially with the advanced tools used to graft out these scribings. The question to be asked is whether it is poor proof reading or have these beasts of burden used to advertise their London escorts agency, been cobbled together by someone who does not have a good or even reasonable grasp of the English language. I will leave you to mull over that question and draw your own conclusions, but still there are many Internet driven aides to assist with translation, so why not use the tools that are available and improve what is set out in your prime advertising medium.

This then leads on to a more pertinent question. If the company / companies that have had the audacity to publish these incoherent mumbo-jumbo offerings are part of an extremely proud and illustrious industry, then how can they be trusted to provide you, the ever faithful client with an acceptable service offering? If they do not have the savvy to control the content of their websites, or the customer care and consideration for the client, then what hope is there of providing that extra special and memorable rendezvous with an absolutely stunning escort in London? There would appear to be a lack of pride in presentation, especially through this immense advertising medium, which must reflect on the capability to deliver a premier service to its prestigious clientele.

So poor preparation promotes piss poor service, that goes without saying. My concern would be, could you bring yourself to trust a company that does not care about its website looking a bit tatty and cheap, full of innumerable errors and with an apparent ethos of uncaring and complete disorganisation? Furthermore, if this is the adopted company service offering, then what are you actually buying into? It would sound alarm bells and make me think very carefully before proceeding with any contact let alone contract. It's a minefield out there, so tread carefully and consider your every move before taking the plunge as it may disappoint beyond belief.