Learning to love what you do


Giving a woman oral sex is not a top priority in many relationships. Some men love receiving but when it's time to return the favour they always make some weak excuse as to why they refuse to give oral. Just to let you know that the escorts in London love oral and if you expect the same from her then be prepared to give it out yourself!

Here are a few tips on how to enjoy giving the kinky escorts oral sex. Whatever reason you have for not giving oral we will try to address these issues. A nice idea if your issue is with taste, then why not go out and buy a nice body wash that you don't mind tasting in your mouth? When she arrives, make sure that a warm bath is drawn with a few candles to create an atmosphere. Take a wash cloth and give yourself a nice wash before getting down to business.

With the scent taken care of, some men claim that some women have a weird taste. So how do we address that? While it may seem easy enough to add a few grapes and pineapples to the menu on the night, it may not be enough to take care of the taste in such a short period of time beforehand, so if you are a man worried about the taste that the kinky escorts may have, then all you have to do is add a little something to eat or drink with that.

Here is what you need, any beverage that is sweet and cold and any food item that you don't mind eating. It's quite simple, having the beverage in your mouth while sucking on her clit gives an entire new sensation to her vagina which I am pretty sure the kinky escorts will totally love. When it comes to body food, whipped cream is most creative especially if you add a few cherries on top. You can create a bikini on the escorts in London and slowly lick it off! As you reach closer and closer to your goal, you'll see her body squirm as she anticipates your touch.

You can also use these things on yourself as well to ensure that you are ready when the kinky escorts are ready for your turn. Take a bath with the escorts in London and let them have a bit of whipped cream fun as well. If you have never been given a blow job while a cold liquid is in a lady's mouth, then you really don't know what you are missing!

You see how easy that was? Don't get stressed because she loves her oral, instead, find great ways to help you overcome it without making her feel bad. Enjoy oral now more than ever!