Stay longer with your Escort


Usually when you make your booking with Diamond Escorts, the receptionist will ask you how long you wish to see the lady for. This is so that they can organise and book other appointments for afterwards, especially if the lady is popular among clients. You may think that you only want to book the London escort for an hour but when she arrives it's a different story. You would be quite willing to sacrifice a whole month's salary to spend the entire night with your beautiful lady. You don't think about how you will pay the bills or your rent as all you will be thinking about is the way your London escort makes you feel.

When your time with your London escort is nearly up and it's time to say goodbye, why not ask her to stay a bit longer? Any bookings that she may have for after will be put on hold so that she can focus entirely on satisfying you. She will need to call the agency or her driver just to let them know that she has decided to stay and then you can continue on with your evening.

Don't worry if you don't have cash on you. The ladies security driver would be more than happy to visit the cash point on your behalf. You can either travel with him or just give him your pin. They will always get a receipt and you can be assured that they are all honest and trustworthy. Maybe you don't have any sterling as you have just come back from a trip abroad or are staying at one of the airport hotels waiting for your flight. It's not a problem as the London escorts will accept dollars or Euros too, although probably won't carry any change. Make sure you always tell the receptionist how you wish to pay, as they can then tell you the current price based on the exchange rate and make the lady aware of what she needs to charge.

If you have booked one of the London escorts to come and see you at a specific time, there is always a small chance that she may have extended in a previous booking and is unable to come and see you. In the event of this happening, the receptionist will always give you a call to let you know what's going on. They will try and advise you of the time she will be free or if they are not sure they may offer you an alternative. They will take into consideration the looks, nationality and services offered by your first choice and try and find someone who they think will match up to her standards. They will always consult you before sending someone else and if you decide to wait, give you regular updates on the ladies progress.

If the London escort that you want to see is in an appointment when you call, don't offer to call back later as you will often find that she will be booked again when you do call back. This can be very frustrating but the receptionists are unable to hold the girls for you until you are ready. To avoid disappointment always book your lady when you have a chance, she may be with you sooner than you think.