A Latina Escort with a Difference

The company that I work for usually sends me on business trips every three to four months. While I enjoy the pay and it’s all the other perks that come with it sometimes at night it gets a bit lonely. I was tired of hopping bars and taking girls to the hotel who were amateurs when it came to sex. This time I wanted someone who was a professional. I checked out a few websites and I found this website with very pretty Latina escorts, which I have a things for. I looked carefully because I wanted her to be as perfect as perfect could get. The one I chose had large breasts, a slim waist and large hips. Her long brown hair was as pretty as get hazel eyes. I filled out the application and hit send waiting nervously for her to arrive.

While I waited I changed the sheets, took a bath and had them send up some grapes to the room. I put on a robe and I sat and waited. To what seemed like an eternity of waiting I jumped when the phone rang. There was a young lady that said she was there to meet with me. I asked them to send her right up. I adjusted my robes and held my erection that was getting harder by the minute.

After about two minute there was a knock at the door. I inhaled deeply and opened it. She was even more beautiful in person and her skin was flawless.

“Hi, how are you?” She said flashing a set of pearly whites.

“I’m great. Why don’t you come in?” I stepped aside and allowed her to enter.

As I looked at her dress you would have never known that she was from the Latina Escorts website. Her attire was very attractive with a touch of class ; simple black mini dress, red heels and a red bag to match.

“Would you like a drink?” I asked nervously.

“No thanks. Why don’t you come and have a seat by me?” She slipped off her shoes and patted the seat lightly next to her on the bed.

I sat next to her and almost immediately she began stroking my hair. She leaned in and captured my lips with hers. She was wearing a strawberry flavoured chap stick that I now tasted. I slid my fingers along her back until it lingered by her ass. I pushed her back gently unto the bed, our lips still locked. I allowed my hands to travel to her thighs. She opened them slightly and I slipped my fingers between the warmness of her thighs. I could feel the silky boy-shorts that she had on as I thumbed her pussy.

She shifted herself and lifted her dress up her hips and quickly pulled it over her head. Her pink nipples were already hard and I couldn’t help put tug at them gently. I shrugged off my robe then quickly removed her panties. Her pussy was shaven and I couldn’t wait to taste her. I could feel my erection growing by the minute and I was afraid that I would burst before I even had a chance to fuck her.

I opened her legs and slid my cock into her already soaked pussy. She wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me down. She kissed me long and deep. It was passionate as though I had known her all my life. I used one hand to caress her swollen breast and she moaned. She rolled me over but still held me close. She sucked my earlobe and playfully used her teeth against it. I felt my entire body shiver under her touch.

She sat up and gave me a sly smile as she slowly rotated on my cock. I watched as her breasts jiggled then began to bounce around as she moved faster and faster on my cock. I stretched my hands to play with her breasts. She leaned back and lifted herself so I could see my cock entering her over and over again. My cock was now glistening with her juices. I could feel myself on the verge of a climax so I held her waist and moved her slowly.

I flipped her over and took her from the back. This way I would have control and be able to quicken the pace or slow it down if necessary. I tapped her ass with my cock a few times before re-entering her while I placed my thumb on her asshole applying pressure.

She looked at me from over her shoulder, “Fuck me in my ass.”

I had never fucked a woman’s ass before because they all said that they had horrible experiences and they weren’t willing to do it again. I quickly jumped at the opportunity. I used her own pussy juices to lubricate her. I rubbed my cock over her hole in anticipation. I pushed in my cock gently and she moaned. She opened her ass with her hands encouraging me to continue. I continued steadily. She didn’t flinch but pushed back against me eagerly until my entire cock was inside her. The tightness around my cock was unbelievable. I took turns fucking her pussy and her ass. The room getting louder with our moans and for a minute I wondered of the ac wasn’t working because we were now both covered with sweat. I was ready to cum and I fucked her had until I screamed out in pleasure as I filled her hole with hot, thick, sticky fluid.

She turned me ever and she sat on my chest with her legs wide open. She fingered herself and I watched as she rubbed her clit relentless until she spilled her warmness over my chest.

“Are you busy?”

“No,” she smiled.

“Then I would like to book you for the next two hours.”

“Sure let me just call the agency” She got up walked across the room to her purse and made a phone call that would change the events of my night.