Why Diamond Escorts are the Leading Agency

Diamond Escorts agency is the leading agency in London. They know exactly what their clients want and their main focus is your pleasure. Diamond Escorts have one main goal and that is to provide beautiful and sexy ladies at great rates to men who are looking for special female company.

Diamond Escorts only employ the best London escorts. They don't employ girls who are just in it for the money. They have ladies that are passionate, sensual and horney. They enjoy the intimacy and closeness that comes with being an escort and they enjoy providing adult entertainment for both men and women.

Diamond Escorts is the agency that all of the most attractive ladies want to work for. This is because they offer their ladies complete security, plenty of work and treat them with the respect that they deserve. This isn't the same at all London agencies though. Some treat their girls with total disrespect. They force them to work long hours for very little money and often take more of the money than the London escort. At Diamond Escorts the ladies always receive more than the agency and are allowed to work when they like. This is why so many of the best London escorts end up with the Diamond Escorts agency, as they want to work somewhere that they feel safe and happy.

Diamond Escorts also have the best drivers in the business. They are friendly, helpful and have a great knowledge of London so can get your London escort to you in the quickest time possible. They can usually get your London escort to your door within forty minutes, sometimes less. If you need a lift to the cash point or to the off licence, the drivers will always be happy to take you. They are never aggressive or intimidating and are simply there to ensure that the appointment proceeds without any complications.

Diamond Escorts also only hire experienced reception staff that are trained in providing the highest level of customer service at all times. They know the London escorts personally and can easily recommend ladies to you and offer you advice on who to choose. They can arrange for London escorts to call you, or even recommend hotels in your area for you to stay at. Nothing is too much trouble and they always go the extra mile to help you out.

Diamond Escorts are the only agency to have kept the prices consistently low. The price of everything has increased lately. Petrol, cigarettes and even the cost of your weekly shopping. Other agencies added an extra ten or twenty pounds to their prices as well, whilst Diamond Escorts wanted to continue to offer high quality ladies without leaving you out of pocket. They don't think you should have to worry about paying more for pleasure. Their prices are based upon your postcode, meaning you only pay a little more if the lady has to travel further to see you. Ask the receptionists about the discounts available when booking multiple hours.

So for guaranteed quality and value for money from a friendly well established agency, choose Diamond Escorts, as you simply won't get any better than that. Don't waste your money with other agencies. If it looks too good to be true then it usually is.