Learn The Inner Thoughts Of Your Girl

Learning about the ways of your woman and the way she feels and thinks prior, during and potentially after sex, may seem like a chore to you, however, rest assured, once you know what's going on in your girl's head, you'll then be able to bring her out of herself and into the bedroom confidently and with curiosity.

Women often feel self-conscious, worrying about all their imperfections as they dress to please you and themselves of course. Unlike men, often with only sex on their brains, your girl can be very distracted by the flaws that she sees in herself. Assure her often, that she is beautiful and compliment her on the specific parts of her body in which she may see flaws. After all, there's nothing sexy about your girl spotting cellulite mid sex.

Women are also creatures of habit and often get into a routine that they stick to, unlike men who want to try everything from a threesome to upside down sex, your girl may not even not realise the need for some spice in the bedroom. Take what you can get and use your knowledge to change things around up when you can.

Ask her to show you that she's enjoying herself, ask her to show you how she wants it, ask her to prove to you that she loves the way you work her body. Ask her for anything. ANYTHING.

Believe it or not, most women like giving oral but are simply terrified of doing it. Sure, you're thinking, "What could be scary about that?" Aside from the fear of gagging to the point of being sick, women often think that they aren't doing it well, or to your satisfaction. Teach her things along the way to encourage more pleasure.

Now that you are a little more enlightened as to how your woman's brain works, work your magic to achieve the love making you desire and deserve. All it takes is for you to compliment her, understand her needs and insecurities and encourage the way she works her body on yours, or even better, her tongue on your member. When women feel great, they want to do great things for both themselves and their man, so compliment your way to explosive nights and delicious mornings.