Her Little Gem

Valentina had the pink glass dildo in her naughty toy box for oh so long, but never knew what to do with it. It didn't vibrate like all the rest of her toys that she loved to indulge in. Then there was one night when she was hanging out with her fuck buddy and he went to the blue fuzzy pouch that kept her glass dildo safe and pulled it out.

"Let's use this!" he said with a dirty smile on his face.

Valentina then reached for the little red vibrator that she knew would make her cum. After all, she had absolutely no use for a glass dildo unless she found it could do something for her that the others couldn't. Valentina thought that as long as she could get herself off with her red vibrator, her date could enjoy fucking her with the glass one.

As she spread her legs and placed her vibrator on full speed on her clit, Valentina shuddered with pure pleasure. She moaned as she tickled her clit with her vibrator in front of her date. With her eyes closed, Valentina could only feel what her date was doing. She felt his hand slide into her inner thigh as he spread her legs open wider. She felt the smooth glass dildo trace over her soaking wet pussy. The smoothness of the glass dildo felt amazing as her date slid it into her hole, stretching it as it went in deeper. Valentina moaned in pure ecstasy as she started to reach her peak. She moaned again as she pressed the buzzing vibrator harder and harder onto her swollen clit and felt her date begin to pound the glass dildo deep into her pussy, making it hit her g-spot with each and every thrust. She screamed and her legs trembled as she felt her cum squirt fiercely over the glass dildo and out of her pussy.

As she felt her date slide the soaking wet dildo out of her pussy, she opened her eyes to find her date licking every last drop of her cum off of the glass dildo, onto his tongue and then swallow it.

Ever since this particular evening, Valentina just can't get enough of her glass dildo. She pulls it out for solo sessions, in front of her date when she's with him, and of course, she also uses it when she's craving some rough hardcore double penetration sex. She simply can't get enough of her "little gem" as she calls it and uses any reason she can find to pull it out and enjoy some fun!