London Escorts and Valentine’s Day

February the 14th is Valentine's Day, and it can be a very lonely and miserable day if you are not in a relationship. You see your friends receiving cards and expensive gifts and going out with their partners and it can be very depressing, especially if you are trying to get over a recent break up.

Don't sit at home feeling upset, call upon a London escort to be your date for the evening and put the spring back in your step. Make it a valentine's day to remember.

This is one of the busiest nights of the year for the London escorts, as love, sex and romance is on everyone's mind. You are not the only single gentleman that is going to be looking for companionship on this evening so it may be worth booking in advance to ensure that you are not disappointed.

There are many London escorts that offer the full girlfriend experience so you can act as if you are in a real relationship with her. You can start by taking her to a nice restaurant. As you walk through the door with a beautiful lady on your arm no one will guess that you are not really a couple. You will be the envy of every other guy there.

Buy her a rose as a romantic gesture. Wherever you go on Valentine's Day there will be people selling them for a few pounds. Although the London escorts always get bought gifts this is a special day, so why not get her something to remind her of the evening you have spent together?

Whether you are returning to your place or going back to a hotel, light some candles and put on some soft, slow music to continue the mood. You could even throw some rose petals on to the bed if you really want to impress her. Some hotels may even offer this as a service so ask at the reception desk. Order a few drinks or take a couple of bottles of wine back with you. Getting a little bit tipsy with your London escort can help you lose your inhibitions and allow you to really let your hair down.

Now the fun can really begin. Start by slowly undressing your London escort. Explore her body as you caress and stroke her delicate areas. Kiss around her neck and behind her ears and run your fingers through her hair. You can give her a sensual massage and tease her, making her wait before you touch her intimate areas. This builds up the passion making her want you more.

Take it slowly, foreplay is often the best part of sex and you don't want things to be over before they have started! Take your time to try things that you may not have experienced before. The London escort may have some tricks that will take you to heaven and back.

Once you are both exhausted, you can cuddle up together in each other's arms and drift away into a satisfied sleep knowing that this is one Valentine's Day you will never forget.