Activities you can do with Your Partner


If you have finally outgrown your friends due to the fact that you now have a beautiful girl on your arm, you may be looking for a few activities to share with your partner to build the relationship. Here are a few great suggestions that will be a lot of fun and enhance the romance in the relationship.

Dancing - This not only shows if your bodies will mesh, but it is a great way to have a good laugh, even if you are with your London escort. You can either hit the dance clubs or sign up for some professional dance lessons.

Cooking - This is always a great activity since you can make it a full opportunity for foreplay. You can feed her as well as her feed you during the cooking process. You can pass extremely close to her to wash your hands or reach for something in the cupboard above her head. Wear that cologne that she likes to turn her on. Don't use your same old recipes, instead try surfing the net for some great new meals you can create together.

Photography- If you want to create precious moments, the best way to remember them is by using a camera. You don't need a special moment to take a picture, you can do it while you guys are cooking or if you are out and about. Make your moments picture perfect.

Sports - Who does not like a bit of healthy competition? This can be a great way to get to know her family and for her to get to know yours. What about a friendly game of football? Organize a few drinks and snacks and have a great family day.

Watching movies - Great way to cuddle up with your new love. You can pick a movie by tossing a coin if you can't decide what you want to watch. Have a bowl of popcorn and a blanket to snuggle under and enjoy the show.

Canoeing - This is a great adventure to go on with your girl. You can make it a day out and when you are finished in the water you can have a picnic on the grass. This would make for a great picture perfect moment as well.

Being in a new relationship can be fun and exciting. Remember as you go along keep it fresh keep it new, keep it romantic. If you have a friend that's a London escort she'll tell you how important it is to keep everything real. Enjoy your activities with your girl!!