Advantages of having an Escort Rather than a Girlfriend


You are at the peak of your career, and you don't have the time to spend on yourself, let alone a girlfriend. Things that other people take for granted, such as watching a movie or going for lunch are luxuries that you just don't have time for due to on-going work projects which require you to work long days.

Having or I should say keeping a girlfriend is hard work! If you are the kind of guy who has no time for a girlfriend, or your work commitments leave you little time for love, then don't worry because the escorts in Romford can fit in around your schedule. There are several advantages to having a Romford escort as opposed to a girlfriend

Advantage 1

Time- When you have a girlfriend you need to spend quality time with her. Sometimes this can be quite difficult, and if she does not understand it can cause problems in your relationship. The great thing about the Romford escorts is that you can see them at your convenience. You don't have to make special arrangements and they will understand if you don't have much time

Advantage 2

Expectations - Girlfriends often have high expectations of their partners... The only expectation that an escort in Romford, is to receive payment for the booking. She won't expect flowers, cards, chocolates, or a phone call every hour!

Advantage 3

Distractions - A relationship has a lot of distractions that can deter you from achieving your goals. From financial troubles, to unplanned pregnancies, having a partner means you have to put their needs first and this may hold you back. The escorts in Romford distract you when you want to be distracted, helping you to relax and take your mind off things.

Advantage 4

Restrictions - When it comes to sex, having a girlfriend can stop you from living out any fantasies that you may have. With the escorts in Romford you can have more than one Escort over and have a great time doing things that a girlfriend may not want to do or afraid to do for whatever reason.

So seeing a Romford escort is a lot less hassle than having a girlfriend, they can fit around your life, and you can see a different lady every time! Everyone likes variety!