Alonzo Romps Home but Could he Handle a Blonde Escort


Not before time, Fernando Alonzo and the beautiful Italian red Ferrari have delivered the goods and taken the British GP to round of the F1 series. The question remains, is he good enough to drive one of our blonde escorts to distraction and thrust his way to yet another win. Come on Alonzo give it a go, you don’t know what you are missing. If you thought that F1 was adrenaline-pumping action, then you should try a London escort out for size. With a tight fit, big end and lots of thrust, you will be amazed at the heart thumping enjoyment you can have, not to mention the non stop action and thrill of the ride. After a clumsy and fumbling pit stop by the Red Bull team, the race was handed to the flying Spaniard, who managed to pull out a race winning lead. That is one thing you would not want to do with a blonde escort, pulling out before passing the winning post is just not sport. With determination and a forceful drive under varying conditions, Alonzo notched up his first win of this season. It would have been a lot easier to engage with a London escort and firing on all cylinders come in first every time.

The Red Bulls seemed to be under the weather with Vettel and Webber unable to respond to the charging Alonzo. Maybe they should have taken the advice of a blonde escort and tried to close the gap taking him from the rear. The problem seemed to be Vettel and his insistence on looking for damp patches around the circuit, he was definitely looking in the wrong place. Our girls will always provide a warm and welcoming damp patch to slip in to, making sure of an easy well-lubricated ride. Alonzo definitely rammed home the advantage he gained with some smooth and slick manoeuvres and careful positioning of his machine, heading of the opposition to take full advantage of this victory.

Although Vettel came in second, he also appears to like following his leaders head, he still leads the driver’s championship by a large margin. Is this victory the start of the season for Ferrari or just a stutter by the Red Bulls, only the next round will give us the answers. Unlike our blonde escorts who never offer answers only a good time without any doubt. Full of energy they will out last the pace and most definitely give you a ride on the adrenaline-pumping road to complete pleasure. What would Alonzo prefer? a fast car or a very luxurious ride on the wild side with only one out come - a win!