Alternative Vote – Is This What We Really Want


The cabinet and more importantly the ministers appear to be at each others throats over who will win the war for Electoral Reform, which is apparently tearing the coalition apart. Two party’s one country will it ever work……tentatively we must say no. Alternatively, like the proposed new voting system the Lib/Tory allegiance could look to engaging the resources of a London escort to resolve there issues.

The Liberal Democrat leader has accused the Prime Minister of instigating a Right Wing Clique and is quoted as stating the PM is guilty of peddling “Lies, misinformation and deceit” during his referendum campaign. This, in light of a counter accusation by the Lib Dems that, the alternative vote system would cost more than the existing first-past-the-post system to implement and manage. The Alternative Vote should be given to the general public where appreciation of new ventures is welcomed.

The Deputy Prime Minister is claiming that the cost to introduce the AV system would be in excess of £100 Million to implement. He has also been reported as stating that if the Tory machine does not come clean then due process through the electoral commission and the law courts would be sort to ensure this process is redressed and a decision of No is gained to stop the unnecessary expenditure.

The vehemence of the attack by the Lib Dems on the Tories is reported by Westminster, according the chit-chat grapevine, as a confected row to countermand the pending 5 May local elections. Your Vote is important, make sure you have your say and vote with you feelings. Where it is anticipated the Lib Dems will Haemorrhage votes and more importantly local council seats. In defence a spokes-person has supported the credence to the theory stating that “The good thing to come out of this campaign is that it will make sure Liberal Democrats’ stand up for there beliefs and prove that there is a distinct difference between the Lib Dems and the Tories, which nobody will be able to ignore”.

The AV campaign is also support by the former Labour Home Secretary, who is reported as stating “costs would inevitably rise” this in part would be due to the installation of the electronic counting machines required to speed up the count process.