Another Old Firm Clash: Effort to Halt the Storm of Violence Brewing


Strathclyde Police have insisted the clubs were not to blame for any violence. Additional officers will be installed on the streets for Sunday's Old Firm game to safeguard against a simmering "perfect storm" fuelled by alcohol, sun and a bank holiday. A London escort would be the perfect solution for the situation.

The title resolving Rangers-Celtic game follows the background of the previous "shame game", a parcel bomb being sent to the Celtic boss Neil Lennon and indictment of sectarian singing against the Rangers team and supporters.

Strathclyde Police have said arrests and violence increase around this titanic fixture. The Chief Constable reported he would be deploying 1,000 extra officers for this all important clash of the Scottish Titans. He told the Scottish Sun newspaper: "It's a bank holiday, it is the last meeting of the season - which is crucial for the league result - and the weather forecast is hot."

He quoted that people would be under the influence of alcohol and fuelled by violence, impacting on the increase of assaults and domestic violence. We do not see the clubs as the enemy he said. The Chief Constable added to his statement, "We do not blame Celtic or Rangers for the impending increase in violent conduct. The perpetrators who are responsible for these actions are those who use knives, fists or whatever other weapons on their fellow human beings. Warning the situation could evolve into a perfect storm scenario.

The Chief Constables comments came about post the ill-fated weekend clash following an ill-tempered clash between the two teams last month.An Old Firm summit, chaired by Scotland’s First Minister, was held in the wake of the game where an eight-point action plan was formulated and agreed.

Rangers have also been impeached by UEFA over allegations of fans' chanting at Europa League ties with the Dutch team, PSV Eindhoven, potentially breaking the core rule set based on international relationships through sport.For the time being, detectives are continuing their vigorous hunt for whoever posted the parcel bombs to Celtic manager Neil Lennon, Paul McBride QC and former MSP Trish Godman.