Another Season without Silver Ware Wenger Blames Himself


Another Season without Silver Ware Wenger Blames Himself and not escorts in London. Arsene Wenger has now conceded defeat in the Premiership Title race, although mathematically Arsenal could still win this prestigious title. It is however extremely unlikely that either Manchester United or Chelsea will not pick up the requisite points needed to end yet another barren season for Arsene’s young Lions.

Defeated by one of the teams who seem to have a hoodoo on the capitals “second” London team has all but caved in Arsenals’ long season of executing the “beautiful” game…… Sorry Arsene but this has not worked this season you need to be more demonstrative in your approach to winning those games that really count, too many points needlessly dropped or given away, through lack lustre performances, unlike there counterparts, who always perform at the top of there game.

Bolton Wanderers sealed the fate of the North London Team in a closely contended match, scoring in the 89th minute of this enthralling encounter, much to the frustration of the Arsenal Guru, Mr Wenger. There were no escape from jail cards and this was most certainly a game which his team needed to win to maintain the pressure on the might of Fergusons marching army. Other teams are sure to keep the pressure on right up to the end of the season. Chelsea kept up there relentless charge to keep the gap at the top of the premiership league to 6 points with a convincing win over there South London rivals West Ham United. Although the Hammers played a brilliant containing game for the majority of this 90 minute spectacular.

Is it now time for the flamboyant French master to hand over the reigns, his track record with the talent he has amassed is by comparison very mediocre to other major players in the premiership? His policies of “No Spend” and the “promotion of home grown talent”, although looking at the team there are not many nationals in this set up, does not seem to be reaping the rewards which it most certainly should have done. Try harder next season 7 out of 10 for the 2010 / 2011 effort.