Better Sex, More Orgasms


Sexual intercourse has over the years been tweaked to incorporate technology as well as toys. The days when all it took to turn on the Enfield escorts was a little finger work down below, has long gone out of the window. Women, especially dominatrix escorts, want more than just a little finger action, they want the entire package. Are you able to give her what you she desires? If you need a few tips then keep reading!

No fun happens behind the bedroom door without a few games. There are card games you can play to liven things up a bit before you hit the bedroom. If you want to see her strip for you then why not play some strip poker? Not only is it great but the loser will have to not only take off items of clothing but perform a sexual act on you. This game is a great seduction game and it gives you something a little different.

How often do you talk dirty to the escorts in Enfield? By using a play on words as well as feeling your hot breath whispering those words in her ear, you will turn on the escorts. Some people think that talking dirty is degrading to another person. This is not the case because the other person knows that its all a part of the process of great sex. I'm sure you wouldn't mind a few dirty words from a Enfield escort yourself.

If you are not sure where to start when talking dirty to the Enfield escorts, then why not tell her what your body is

experiencing? Like the warmth or even the tightness of her vagina. Giving her encouragement as to how she makes you feel will give her motivation to want to please you even more.

Now one thing to note, don't go calling her a slut as you talk dirty to her. Sometimes she may tell you what to call her or she may even call her body parts by certain names, so just wait for her cue and follow her lead.

This may not come as a shocker or maybe it will. When was the last time you tried a new position? Trying new positions will raise her arousal as well as help you to figure out what else she likes. Some of the positions may also help you to get a better angle on her g-spot as well as make your hands useful while having sex with her.

If you really want to increase your pleasure during sex, try playing around in a new place with the escorts, try some dominatrix play with your escort. This increases the libido in both you and her as it tickles your every fancy and heightens the excitement of maybe even getting caught. It does not even have to be out in public, maybe in another part of the house even, like the kitchen or the back garden.

As you gear up to having a better sex life, ensure that you are fully prepared for the great consequences as well as the great orgasms that you will be giving her.