Booking a Chelsea Escort with Your Partner


Has one of your secret fantasies always been to have two women at once? Now that you are in a loving relationship it doesn't mean that this cannot be possible! Ask your partner how she would feel about spicing things up and inviting one of the Chelsea escorts to come and show you some new tricks.

Your partner doesn't have to be bi sexual. She can take part as much as she likes. She may just enjoy seeing you with someone else or she may really want to get involved and receive a sexy service from your chosen companion.

Choose your Chelsea escort with your partner. Look through the galleries together until you both decide upon a lady that takes your fancy. Don't just choose someone that you like as this may raise jealousy issues with your partner.

Although there should be a list of services that each lady has to offer on her profile, it may be worth just double checking when you make your booking that the lady does in fact provide services for both men and women. Always state that you are looking for a lady that sees couples as you don't want to pay any cancellation fees when the lady arrives if it turns out that she only sees men.

Discuss with your partner before your Chelsea escort arrives what your boundaries are and what you want to gain from the experience. By having this conversation first, it eliminates the chance of any arguments or problems in the booking. You don't want her to feel pushed out or like you are having more fun with the escort. This is supposed to be a mutually beneficial agreement where you can both experience something a little different, not something that is going to lead to arguments or confrontation.

Many of the Chelsea escorts are very experienced in seeing married couples who are just looking for new ways to spice up their sex lives and do not want to cause any issues within the relationship.

If your partner is not comfortable with seeing an escort, then don't worry as you can always book the duo escorts to come and see you when you are alone or staying away. There are lots of stunning bisexual ladies who can come together and help you explore your fantasies.

They can put on a lesbian show for you if you ask them nicely. Sit back and relax as you watch two beautiful girls caress and touch each other. This is the sort of stuff you only usually see in porn movies and now you can watch it live!

Just watching these girls should be enough to turn you on while you gently masturbate. You wont be able to sit there for long as you will soon want to join in the fun. Having not one but two sexy duo escorts licking you and caressing you will send you wild and show you that dreams really can come true!