Born To Lead: Do You Have What it Takes to be a Leader?


Men are born leaders. For many centuries now, men have basked in the position of power, and up until now, the majority of our leaders across the globe have been men. As baffling as it is, it is more likely for men to gain power because of their strong impression on people. Most of our leaders today are not just charismatic, they are opinionated, persuasive, strong-willed and bold. Still don't get it? Let me show you what it takes to be a leader.

What do Tony Blair, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton all have in common? They are BOLD. They are not afraid to make important decisions when they need to be made. If you want to be a leader, you have to have the heart for it and although men are known not to have one, the heart of a leader is strong yet filled with compassion for his kinsmen. A strong leader is highly opinionated and respects the thoughts and insights of others, regardless of their implications. A good leader can turn visions into reality without losing sight of the future.

For a leader to become dependable, he must know how and when to depend on other people. He keeps close contact with the people who matter. He needs to have excellent social and networking skills, but does not mistake such acts for being user-friendly. A leader never uses other men for his own personal gain, they are catalysts to achieve a greater good.

A virtuous leader is comfortable in power. He is neither overwhelmed nor blinded by it. He is ambitious, successful and accomplished in his own right and does not need a surge of power to validate his purpose. There are no self-righteous leaders, only those truly deserving of the power. A leader knows how to have fun and how to handle personal matters well. He can go out and date a lovely Harrow escort while maintaining and keeping eye on his responsibilities.

Some of the best leaders in the world can inspire, motivate and compel. People regard them highly not just because of their stature but also because of their cause. For a man to be truly called a leader, he must have a cause that he believes in and stands by, no matter what happens. He should be able to defend himself should adversities arise and misfortunes happen.

Whatever course of success you choose, always remember, A good leader knows the difference between risky and risqué. An effective leader knows what decision to make and when to make it, but the best leaders are those who make it happen.