A Brazilian Rubdown


We have all heard of or seen, beautiful Brazilian women with their strong dose of playfulness and exoticism, just like London escorts who can be irresistible to any man once they get their hands on them. They seem to not have an issue with nudity and this is clearly seen on their beaches, in cities and on TV quite regularly. For a European young man these beauties are like an exotic dream, and maybe even intimidating for some who are more conservative but a lot of young stallions see this as a challenge. Another thing about Brazilian beauties is a strong will that is part of their personality.

Their way of life is a tradition that is deeply embedded in their culture and their customs. This is a way of life and that’s what makes them so playful. Let’s not forget about the Rio Carnival where almost everything that composes the Brazilian culture can be seen. Most of the girls are beautiful black Brazilian women and their dress is colourful and eye catching. For good reason this can be considered the best carnival on the planet. And for the 500.000 plus visitors each year its good reason to believe that things will stay like this in the coming years. Quite a few top models have originated from Brazil, and the very first and in my opinion one of the most beautiful is Adriana Lima. With her stunning beauty and her blue-grey eyes you cannot fail to be charmed by her beauty

Considering the centuries old European influences and African origins, we can see the effect it produces in the beauty of the women. Beautiful, strong willed women who with their charm and looks have a hypnotising effect on men. This can also be seen in daily commercials in which many beauties are from Brazil. High-ranking brands and fashion houses frequently use models from this country to promote and show off their products and clothes.

To keep their beauty, a number of treatments and long lasting traditional remedies are used regularly by Brazilian women, like an avocado mask used weekly, a lot of sunscreen to protect their skin from the fierce heat of the sun, various different types of massage, and the most preferred and original body treatment - the Brazilian bikini wax every few weeks. This is a well-known and now hugely popular treatment, used also by Brazilian escorts.