Cancellations and Complaints


At Diamond Escorts they understand that sometimes people just don't click. There isn't always a connection with everyone you meet in your day to day life is there? Although the receptionists do their best to recommend a London escort that they think would be your perfect companion, there are no guarantees. That's why they try to include as much about the ladies personality as possible in her profile, so you get a good idea of her personality and character. They will always let you speak to your chosen London escort before you book her so that you can have a chat and see if you get on. See if she is willing to provide the services you are looking for and whether you have anything in common.

Diamond Escorts are confident that when your lady arrives at your door she will be exactly what you hoped she would be and more. They guarantee that she will be the lady from the pictures as they only use one hundred percent genuine and recent photos. They have an in house photographer that keeps up to date with any hair style changes or weight gain/loss that the London escorts may have.

If for any reason you don't feel that spark with her when she arrives or she is not what you hoped she would be, don't worry as it's not a problem. Just call the agency and explain that you have had a change of heart. They can send you someone more suitable if you wish and discuss your options fully with you. You will be liable to pay a cancellation fee. It's only fair really as this charge covers the ladies time and travelling expenses. Bear in mind she may have lost other bookings in order to come and see you. Sometimes there may be another lady in the car that might suit your needs better, so always ask the receptionist or driver, that way you won't have to wait so long for another London escort to arrive.

Don't worry about offending the lady that you turned away. All of the London escorts have a thick skin and would rather you saw someone that you were completely happy with.

On the rare occasion that you have a problem with your London escorts attitude or behaviour please call the agency as soon as possible. They can then diffuse the situation and take appropriate action. Always try and call when the lady is still with you even if this seems awkward. Don't wait until the end of the appointment as the agency will assume that things can't have been that bad if she has spent a whole hour with you. It may look like you are just trying to get a refund and you will not be taken seriously. Diamond Escorts want you to have a pleasurable and happy experience with the London escorts and welcome any feedback whether it is positive or negative.

Make yourself aware of the agencies policies before you book, that way you will know where you stand when it comes to complaints and cancellations.