Could Klitschko Handle a Redheaded Escort


Guess we all have a great amount of sympathy for our fallen hero David Haye, broken toe or not he certainly did not lose by the margin suggested in the scoring. However the burning question on our lips, and possibly those of a redhead escort is could the now world champ cope with a night of sheer pleasure with one of the most feared London escorts in town? Big it up as much as you like but I doubt this Eastern European man mountain could go more than four rounds with one of our gorgeous girls, that’s only twelve minutes in layman’s terms. He will definitely need more than a knock-out punch to beat a red-headed escort, more than stamina and almost certainly a lot more staying prowess. Come on Mr Klitschko try and go the distance with a stunning and curvaceous red-headed temptress, renowned for their fiery temperaments and gusto for all the good things in life. London escorts will undoubtedly provide you with a challenge that will knock you off of your feet in less time than it takes to raise your ardour. No matter how much fancy foot work you produce or how good your jab is, our temptresses will get you in a corner and take over with their exceptional skills, leaving you feeling weak at the knees and humbled at their athleticism!

Our generous and fun loving red-headed escorts would enjoy the chance to take on a mighty world champion, especially Mr Man Mountain himself, and that would not be on the canvas, although the new champ might be on his back more often than he would like! Under these circumstances that is not a bad position to be in. This really does add a different swing on the old adage of keep it up. Consider a liaison with an energetic and unrestricted London escort at your peril world Champ, she will surely take you down a peg or two, which is more than Haye did.

What more could a muscle bound world boxing champion need than a night of red hot passion in the company of an energetic and versatile Red-headed escort, especially one with attitude. Are you up for a round or two with Miss Congeniality? We are not convinced, and neither are our girls who would love to put you in all sorts of challenging positions and make you work hard for another victory.