Curb Your Enthusiasm at Work


When men get excited, something else comes up, and you know exactly what were pertaining to. But that's in a general sense of the word. But at work, some men tend to be more passionate than others, and then you need to draw the line between creepy obsession and just plain passionate.

For men in the professional arena, being vehement about their job is a must (aside from getting that dream girl or the hottest Highgate escort they dream about). But what if you encounter someone who displays weird signs of obsession? Would you still consider that as passion or something else?

Here we break down the things you can do to make you look like you want the job you have and you're willing to fight tooth and nail for it, not literally of course.

The very first thing you need to do is look the part. So what if you're working for a law firm? So what if you have to wear a suit to work every day amidst the hustle and bustle of the city subway, so what? Point is you need to look professional. You need to look like you work for a top law firm in the city so you get the respect you think you deserve. After all, wearing the latest trend in an office where everyone looks almost the same may be a faux pas. Besides, a dude with a college degree doesn't need to be wearing designer jeans all the time.

And when you get the look right, its time to dig deeper into your person and start thinking of others, rather than yourself. Always remember that you work for one firm, one goal, one mission. Other than earning money for yourself, try to reach out to those who need your help. You may be doing well in one department but that doesn't mean you cant cross over to do some troubleshooting on an issue you have very good experience with. The key to showing you're passionate about your job is to show them that you're willing to go the extra mile, even if it comes for free.

Another good trick to make your bosses believe that you love your job is to stay late each day. Extending your work hours for half an hour or so will give you the edge over the others who count the minutes until clock out time.

And we know its a cliché when we say that talking about your work is a good thing but it is. The employees who get promoted first are those who show explicit interest in the job. A few hints here and there wont hurt, especially if you know that you deserve that job.

Perhaps the best move to make to make sure that your boss notices how much you like your job, is to initiate projects. Instead of waiting for a project to be given to you, write him an email or talk to him personally about a project you specifically want to handle. Who knows, he might just give you that promotion even before you want it.