Escort Maintenance


It takes a lot of work to ensure that all the London escorts who work for Diamond Escorts meet the high standards that the clients expect. They only select the most beautiful and well groomed ladies. The girls must look and smell fresh and make a real effort with her appearance.

The London escorts start to get ready hours before they come and see you. They start by taking a long hot shower, giving themselves a good scrub with some sweet smelling shower gels. Once they have washed their troubles away they dry themselves off and moisturise their bodies from top to bottom with a nice body butter or cream. This leaves their skin soft, silky and smelling great. Some London escorts even have a spray tan or sun bed to give their skin that sun kissed look.

They always keep their hair in tip top condition. They give it a nice shampoo and often visit the salon to have it styled and cut. It will always be tangle free, soft and shiny, and ready for you to run your fingers through.

Next are the nails. No one likes to see bitten down, dirty finger nails or unkept toes so the London escorts have regular manicures and pedicures to keep them looking glamorous. Some ladies may have nail extensions giving them perfect claws for scratching your back in the throes of passion!

Next is the makeup. This can be a lengthy process as the ladies have so many products that they like to use. They usually attach some false eyelashes to make their eyes look bigger, and lots of mascara, and plenty of blusher, bronzer and lip gloss all gets slapped on. The end result is a sexy, sassy London escort that has merely enhanced her natural beauty.

All London escorts like to dress nice and at Diamon Escorts they even have a dress code policy to ensure that the high standards are maintained. They will always have matching lingerie and stockings ready to show you and will usually be wearing a nice dress or short skirt to show off their legs. They like to keep up with the latest fashion and regularly check out magazines for up to date trends.

If you need your London escort to be a little bit discreet then you can always ask her to arrive in casual attire so that no one guesses what you are up to. She can come in jeans and a sweatshirt and only you will know what lies beneath.

So as you can see it is not easy being a London escort. They have to remain on top of their game when it comes to body maintenance. They understand that if you a parting with your hard earned cash you want to see someone that looks sophisticated, classy and well turned out, not someone trashy and dirty.

Try and return the favour by also making as much effort as possible. Make sure you are clean and fresh and put on a new shirt or top. After all the hard work the London escorts put in to looking good, it's the least you can do.