Excuse the Lateness


Yeah, we know, the earlier, the better. Yeah, we know that being early, especially during a big meeting, will give you big opportunities. Yes, we do feel guilty whenever we are a few minutes late especially on dinner dates with a Enfield escort, and yes, we are well aware that men, usually are the usual suspects when it comes to being late.

But excuse us for a minute when we say that being late is sometimes good. Of course, sometimes is the keyword here, because as the cliché goes, too much of the same thing is bad for your health.

Yes, it is true most of the time that being late strips you of opportunities, to learn or to gain something coveted. On dates, you are faced with the potential of losing that connection with a fine young woman when you come in late.

But then, we also believe that things happen for a reason. Maybe the proposed project fell through, or maybe, that girl wasn't worth our time. At least you were spared of a really bad date, and you were able to save your supposed date money at that.

We know some of you are offended when guys use their lateness as something of a prop to front their coolness, however, showing up late at parties and functions isn't always that bad. We mean honestly, who shows up at a club at approximately 9 pm, when the doors have just opened and the DJ hasn't even played a tune yet? People, there's a reason why the term fashionably late is called just that.

And finally, at times, lateness isn't just rooted from laziness which is what most believe, but in fact rather done deliberately as a form of rebellion. We know some people don't get paid well, and we know some are practically in the over-worked and underpaid business, but these guys instead of directly taking out their aggression on their bosses, instead deliberately take an extra hour (or two) out from the usual morning rush, just because.

With this all said though, we, the responsible men of the 21st century, will do our darn best to stay away from late-night TV and to wake up every day at 6 am on the dot. We promise!