Facts vs. fiction on London Escorts


People tend to hear a lot of rumours when it comes to kinky escorts and this sometimes portrays the London escorts in a negative light. Trying to separate fact from fiction may be almost impossible depending on who you are talking to. Well here's the thing, kinky escorts have had enough and they are here to set the record straight.

Below you will see the list of facts as well as fiction and you will see how much you knew or did not know about the kinky escorts.

All about the kinky escorts

Fact - Some of them may be doing it part time while for others this is a full time job. Just as you get up and go to work to feed your family and pay your bills, these lovely ladies are doing the same.

Fiction -They are all school drop outs. This is not true. There are kinky escorts who have diplomas and are currently studying. Don't judge these girls by their profession, because many a man will tell you that they are very good at what they do. They many not want to do it all their lives but guess what? They love what they do.

Fact - The kinky escorts make double the salary or more than the average man. This is quite true and why shouldn't they? They are skilled at making men the centre of attention and abiding by all their needs. So their pay should equal their talent don't you think?

Fiction - All escorts have been forced into this profession. This is not true. There are a lot of benefits to being an escort. Kinky escorts chose this job because they knew that they could definitely please others. They are not afraid of the extra-ordinary and they always, always aim to please their clients.

Fact - kinky escorts have feelings just like anyone else. They may not show it as it may make them appear vulnerable due to the nature of their job. If you say hurtful things on purpose of course she will feel hurt. Treat her right and she'll return the favour.

Fiction - escorts only do it for the money. While some kinky escorts love the money that they rake in on a daily basis, if they did not love what they did they would not be able to do it well. If you are in a job that you don't like, how well do you do it? Not too well right, no matter how much money you are making? Escorts love everything about their job from the money that they are making to hear the moans that come from the men that they are pleasing.

Don't underestimate the potential that the escorts have because they will definitely surprise you.