Five ways not to Hate Mondays


I hate Mondays. You hate Mondays. Probably, your mum and your sister hate it as well. Griping on the very first day of the working or the school week has always been a tradition that is felt by the masses wherever you go. For many, Mondays usually mean heavy rush-hour traffic, pointless meetings throughout the day and stress, stress, and more stress that occurs and repeatedly builds throughout the whole week.

It is true, how Mondays are a drag for most, but it should not always be a case. In fact, there are some things that we ourselves can do to combat the Monday madness.

Make your weekends count - Before you reach that gloomy Monday morning, you have a Saturday and Sunday to do anything you would like to do. So naturally, to get rid of that negative aura at the start of the week, have yourself a great weekend! Spend time with your loved ones, hang out with your buddies, date the hottest

Enfield escorts, enjoy a good Sunday lunch, basically whatever makes your weekend worthwhile, do it. This way, you can definitely wake up on Monday with a great smile on your face.

Finish everything on Friday - Of course, before you hit the weekend or before you even call that sexy blonde Enfield escort for a weekend date, there is still some work to do on Friday. So instead of coasting through the last day of the week until the clock hits five, make sure you finish all your work before you set out for your well-deserved weekend. This is a great way to combat the Monday blues because you can start the week with a clean slate without any backlog of work.

Set your goals - Another way to fight off the Monday sickness is to be more goal

oriented. Plan your weekly action. Set out a feasible time period when you can finish your current load. This way, you can treat your Monday as an important starting point to get ahead with your work.

Be inspired - It doesn't matter if the inspiration comes from another person at work or an idea influenced from your own thoughts, but having inspiration is a definite motivator to help you achieve at work and a classic example of a stress-killer. Nothing, Mondays especially, will ever bother anyone who is inspired at work.

Relax - There's no need to be endlessly driven by the Monday stress. Go with your usual work routine, and then relax when you reach your desk. Take a few minutes to breathe and slowly take in your tasks for the week. Hey, nothing beats a Zen-like approach to a work-filled Monday.