Are Footballers Getting Enough or Are They Out of Control


It seems every day you pick up a newspaper there is yet another story in the press about these over paid under sexed footballing prima donnas. If it is not Mr Squeaky clean, and I think you know who I refer to, likes messing with models and sister-in laws, its an over paid young buck who thinks they have the right to take whatever they please. Well I think its time the whistle was blown on these so called Role Models in society. If they are as good as they reckon then they should try a London escort for size, I am certain they would be claiming a penalty within the first few minutes of play and screaming to be substituted.

Our gorgeous and lustful sirens would bring these men to their knees, begging to be substituted for rough play. Our dominatrix escorts would soon put them in their place, no sparing the whip or shackles, and most definitely no extra time just pure punishment and pain. You never know, they may find they like it. The problem with these so called heroes is that the clubs they play for spoil them with too much too soon, culminating in an attitude that if I want it I can take it, most definitely wrong, you have to earn it like respect.

As a footballer, you may be the best dribbler in the business but at the end of the day this, as our sultry London escorts would prove, is something that doesn't give satisfaction. Nothing worse that a man that dribbles before firing a full load at the goal. It is absolutely no good if you get sight of the net only to fizzle out in a whimper. Our girls would prefer a rock hard defender who has a no frills attitude to banging everything into touch and stopping the dribblers in his tracks.

Would these bad boys of the so called beautiful game, come to terms with one of our energetic and lustful London escorts, or would these little prima donnas be taken apart by our experienced and demanding goddesses? Who knows. I think I would have to side with the London escort team, as experience and cunning play a big part in survival and taking the lead in any game. If they are as good on the pitch as they are in the dressing room, bedroom or whatever room, then I will throw down a challenge, now try one of our London escorts we are certain you will be run in to the ground and writhing in pure pleasure.

If it is something different these guys desire, but without the kiss and tell or running to the press or authorities, then line up with a London escort for the game of your life. Are you man enough to take the challenge or just like a mouse running scared?