Don’t Get Hooked on Debt


Ever wonder where your 5 digit salary goes? Well, its probably going straight from your bank account to another's bank account even before it reaches your pocket. And how exactly does that happen? Ask Visa. And no, this isn't the kind you need to apply for when you're thinking of a cross-Atlantic trip, this is the credit card company who are probably the culprits to your missing money, or at least you think its missing.

And don't forget to take account the fact that you're constantly out with your guy friends trying to hook up with some Essex escorts. And from what it looks like, dating one does come with a price tag, and a pretty expensive one. In fact according to studies, men are more likely to spend than to save when in the company of other men. While men who are with women save more because of the restraint that their partners put on them. So it looks like we already know why you're so hooked on spending, huh? And to help you solve that spending problem before you end up on Shopaholics Anonymous, allow us to tell you the reason why you're slowly drowning yourself in debt.

When we spend, we tend to be influenced by the people closest to us, also when we are at the same place at a specific time. Just think about the times when you and your pals went out to play football but decided to hit the shops instead. And because one of you just couldn't resist the call of the shopping wilderness, you ended up in a local sports store where all the latest Nike and Adidas trainers were. A few minutes later, you were going out with a pair of new trainers that you probably wouldn't use until after a year or so, and you didn't realise this because you were with your friends. Ironic huh? They say friends should always look after you, but in this case, everyone's looking after themselves and not really any particular one.

Now this shop frenzy phenomenon of the Alpha males is caused by a concept called Sex Ratio. Our behaviour is dictated or influenced by the number of men or women we surround ourselves with which is actually affecting our behavioural patterns.

And in order to find your financial balance, you've got to be decisive. Decide how much you can spend for yourself before anyone else. If you can figure that out, then you'll be able to tame down those impulsive financial decisions.