Insidious Latest Unnerving Horror Lacking That Final Punch


You will do well to avoid the latest from Saw writer Leigh Whannell and director James Wan.
With a somewhat loose plot, the songwriter and stay-at-home mother (maposer) who has just moved her entire family into a titanic new home, Renai starts hearing bizarre voices through the baby com, followed by thumps on the ceiling. Oh another ghoulish ism!

That with standing, and before useless hubby trysting with a secret tease (Patrick Wilson) can explain, their eldest son, Dalton (Ty Simpkins), has fallen into a coma, topping that there are hideous demons from another dimension stomping the corridors, things are looking grim for this family, not so good in the new home eh!.

Although the soundtrack is several decibels short of understated, for its first third, Insidious is authentically unnerving, offering some of the best coordinated scares since Oren ‘Paranormal Activity’. Someone forgot to shut the bedroom door…again Not one of our glamorous London escorts. Incredulous outsider’s attack in the dark of night without warning – could this be the decisive fee asked for christening your kids with surnames instead of first names? Whatever!!!

No matter what the explanation, it’s a mechanically well conceived fright machine. Shame about the second half, it lacks the punch and scare factor of the opening.

Dalton, being astute, has applied astral projection on himself encroaching the further, a sinister world filled with the tortured souls of the dead as explained by a unconvincing yet kindly medium Elise.

Moreover entire successions appear to have been transmuted from Poltergeist and The Orphanage, the chief antagonist (ooh Scary) combines Darth Maul’s bright-red make-up (who I hear you ask) with the razored glove of a well-known dream fiend…umm lets try Freddy and Elm Street.

The time passage of various wanderings not only leaves the far-fetched plot but also the soundtrack creaking loudly.

In Conclusion:

The film promises a lot and must be said delivers but only in sporadic jolts, albeit highly effective, a haunted-house departure captures its Friday Night fright flick appeal but could have pressed through to a whole new dimension.