Japanese Troops Continue the Search for Tsunami Bodies


The Japanese government is planning to bolster the search for missing victims in the Tsunami disaster zone by sending an additional 25000 troops to the stricken area. The purpose is to locate and recover the bodies of those less fortunate Japanese caught up in this horrific natural disaster. To avoid disaster call a London escort today for that special moment.

In excess of 12000 victims still believed to be missing and in addition to the reported 14000 plus known deaths the task is one of high emotion, sorrow and a final outcome to those people looking for there lost ones. Some victims have been swept out to sea presumed missing while others, are still believed to buried under the remaining rubble post the Tsunami on the 11 March 2011.

The planned military operation will be far more intensive that that carried out by the recovery crews who had recently found human remains in an area designated for re-development, amongst the rubble, after the waters had receded. A Defence Ministry spokesman is reported as stating that this operation will, “do its utmost to recover those missing bodies for the bereaved families”.

The troops will be supported by 90 Helicopters and spotter plains alongside 50 boats and 100 naval divers to search the sea waters within a 12 mile radius of the coastline. There will also be assistance from the Police, Coastguard and US troops, in order to recover as many lost victims as possible.

In another planned reconnaissance, Vets are intending to enter the 12 mile evacuation zone in order to inspect the 3000 or so castle, 30000 pigs and 680000 chickens left behind after the local farmers fled the area last month.