For the love of the game


If you did not know that sex was part of a game then oh my, how much in the dark you have been over the years? Think about when you go out on the pull whether by yourself or with friends. You first play the "catch your attention" game, followed by the "let me ask a series of questions to see if I can get a quickie tonight" game, which of course means that you have to be extra nice if you want her knickers on the floor by the end of the night.

Yes, men it's all a game, but don't worry, the women know and they play along especially the escorts in London, because this game can have more than one winner and also the game never ends the same way. You don't only have to play with two players alone either, and that's where the bisexual Escorts come into their own because they love the thrill of the game as well as the adrenalin rush it provides.

Games can always be changed so don't be stuck playing the same game over and over. These games however as I said before, don't have one winner and never should have. Everyone that walks out of that bedroom should feel like a champion. When everyone feels empowered you will realise that people especially the escorts in London, will have no problem in wanting to "play" with you again.

Games should always be fun, so if someone is not having fun then you should change your method of play. Yes men, it's not only about winning but about playing fair and safe. The thrill of capturing the interest of the bi-sexual escorts should always be at the top of your list. Once you are capable of turning the charm on, whether it's through complimenting her or treating her to a superb wine and dine session, you should both be ready to take the game to the next level.

There are games where if you die during the game they place you back to your last saving point. This type of sexual game isn't like that. If you make one wrong move you may not be able to try again, that's what makes these sexual games not only thrilling but captivating. To play any game successfully you must understand the rules and you and the escorts in London can come up with those together which should also be a lot of fun!

Don't worry, the game is not as complicated as it seems, after all you have been doing it for years. What needs to be done now is you need to add some techniques and a few skills to improve your game. Instead of surfing the web for only porn videos, search for ways that can help you become the master in your own gaming world!! That's taking it too far isn't it? The master in your own gaming world!

Nevertheless I'm sure you understand where I am going with that. Life is a game in which you want the best escorts in London when it comes to sex, and the only chance you have at getting that is by being the best at what you do! Always respect the game.