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  • Freedom. You don't have to call anyone if you want to go and hang out with the guys after work. You don't have to come home to someone waiting for you just to have an argument. You are free to do everything and anything that your heart desires.
  • Space. No cluttering up of your wardrobe or bathroom cabinet. You have the space to do whatever you like. If you like to sit on the sofa in your underwear to watch a game of football, then you can. No need to put on clothing in case her friends just happen to pop round unannounced. Your space is totally your own.
  • More money. Ever notice that as soon as you get into a relationship your money goes and you don't know where it went? Being single means that you can have full control of your finances.

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Female companionship. You are not against being in the company of women, you are just one of the very many that isn't ready for an intimate relationship yet. If you are looking for someone to go clubbing with or someone to share a great meal with, then the escorts in London should be at the top of your list.

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If you could have the same companionship with another female as you do with the escorts in London, then I would say go for it. If not, then keep looking. Being single gives you an opportunity to appreciate life on a different level especially a sexual level that sometimes tends to get lost once you get into a serious relationship.

Take the time to have as much sex now as you can, as quite often when you get into a steady relationship, you may not have the time or the energy. One thing that can deter a woman from having sex with her man is the fact that men tend to become boring and monotonous between the sheets. It's not because she has a headache, it's not because she's tired. What it is, is that you are boring!

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Never look at being single as being a problem, instead, think about all its advantages and how they can work for you. Enjoy your single life and all that is has to offer. After all, with escorts in the picture, who needs a steady girlfriend?