Patrick Moore – Budding Rock Star


The effervescent Veteran “Sky At Night” presenter Sir Patrick Moore has offered his voice to a rock song with cosmic undertones composed and written by a Northumberland musician. Carl Cape, the 26 year old Northumbrian, not a London escort, has composed a musical extravaganza Glittering Sky after being stirred by the night skies above his Morpeth home.

Carl approached the octogenarian presenter and asked Sir Patrick if he would add his voice to the song during an interview with him on a local community radio station.

Mr Cape said of Sir Patrick, that he was a "true professional" and as to be expected he recorded the lyrics to the song in a single take. Mr Cape, who is employed in public relations, is quoted as saying: "Sir Patrick has inspired me over the years since I started watching the Sky At Night as a youngster”.

When Mr Cape decided to produce the lyrics and pen the song, which he intended to reflect what the spectacular night skies above Northumberland delivered, he thought of the line 'I can see a million stars' and immediately locked on to the idea of asking Sir Patrick to perform on the track.

During an interview Mr Cape is reported as saying, "When I had a chance to interview him for my local community radio station I asked him to do the words and he was just brilliant." Although in retrospect Sir Patrick informed Mr Cape that he wasn't too keen on some of the loud drums that will appear on the finished track.

Sir Patrick, the legendary presenter who began head lining the show The Sky At Night in 1957, enthused: "When Carl asked me to contribute some words to his music I was delighted to oblige."

Another resounding success for the extraordinary guru of the heavens, who would have thought at 88 Sir Patrick Moore would be starting a new career, who will be next to join in the fun?