Powerless Sex: how and why?


Do you often wonder how much sex Hollywood celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston and Kate Winslet have? How about the married couple across your street, ever thought of the sex she and her husband are having?

We know that it seems impossible to believe that these people have less sex than you do, but would you believe it when if we said that you have more sex than those more powerful than you? And if so, does this mean you're having "powerless sex", the kind of sexual encounter that ordinary people engage in. It may be random or casual but nonetheless, frequent. Do you think you're one of those? If you do, then perhaps you need to re-check with your wife, or whomever it is that you're doing it with. Studies show that frequent sex lessens the impact of it.

But with the double standards that this world has, how many of these reported cases are true? Are men having more sex than women, or are women under-reporting their encounters because of the judgment they might receive after? Regardless of who is who and which is which, we think the main premise is, how do people in power stay on top and still have time for sex? Something that a lot of men should be giving some thought to now. But worry not, we shall shed some light on those of you who are still living in the dark, thinking and believing that this world is still a male-dominated society.

Just take for example the case of many London escorts, they may look like powerless females, but in reality these women are smart, witty, powerful and cunning. They can control a man in any way they want. They make men do things that men wouldn't normally do, they make them believe that there is something more than what they have.

And while there may be the slightest chance that men are still having more sex, it is inevitable that women are slowly rising into unprecedented power. Since the dawn of female power, from Cleopatra to Nefertiti right up to Marie Antoinette, these women have shown that with power comes great sexuality. As women, they have the advantage in everything, despite the double standards that this society imposes on women, you might just be surprised how adamant men are in accepting the fact that women now have the upper hand in politics, economy and sex. And that's not even the start of it.