How do you prefer sex?


Ok so you've gone on your fourth date and by the way things are going, it looks as though you'll be scoring tonight. You guys get to your place and you've made your way to the bedroom. After admiring everything about her, her hips, her booty and yes even her breasts you can't wait to see what she looks like with her clothes off. You wonder if she's just as sexy as the London escorts.

Before getting down and dirty, she whispers that she has one request before you guys start. You get overly excited as you anticipate the request then she hits you with it. Her request is that she wants the light off before she takes off her clothes. You heart sinks as you realise after waiting so long to see her in the nude, that tonight is not going to be your night. You've never experienced this with a London escort before.

As confused and disappointed as you may feel, don't lose hope. This is the first sexual experience that she is having with you. Women are very fearful about how their body looks with clothes on, so imagine what having her clothes off will do to her. It has nothing to do with you, no matter how nice and how beautiful you say that she is, she still has a fear of being judged about what her body looks like.

Another thing you need to take into consideration as well is how experienced is she? If she lacks experience then having sex in the dark may be more comforting and may be able to conceal any mistakes that she may make. If this is her comfort zone then you need to respect that until she feels confident enough to have sex with you in the light.

As a man you may not understand this type of reasoning since when it comes to sex you prefer visuals, but guess what? This isn't about understanding why, it's about respecting her wishes until she feels as though she can trust you. Yes, it sounds weird but what can I say, she's a woman.

Instead of thinking about the negative why not dwell on the positive? Get out those candles and a bottle of wine to finish setting the mood. Not only will she appreciate this but the wine will act as a relaxing agent that will help her feel less anxious as well as hopefully get you more action out of her. Good luck!!