Preparing for your London Escort.


If you have invited one of the London escorts to come and spend some time with you then make sure that you prepare for her arrival so that she feels comfortable when she gets there.

Firstly make sure that you are looking your best. Have a nice hot steamy shower to help heat things up a bit. Use some sexy smelling shower gel and make sure you get all those hard to reach bits so that you are completely fresh for when she arrives. Moisturise your skin so that you are soft and smelling great for when she touches you.

Have a tidy round. You don't want your London escort to think that you live like a tramp so make sure you have tidied up and cleaned away any mess. Don't have kid's toys lying around as this can be very off putting when trying to get in a sexual mood. Ensure that you have fresh linen on the bed. You don't want any embarrassment as she pulls back the covers only to find stains on the sheets or crumbs in the bed!

Turn up the heating if it is cold so that you and your London escort can get naked without shivering or turning blue. You want her to feel relaxed and at ease. If it is summer time and things are already hot then have a fan nearby to cool her down.

Ask your London escort when you make the booking what she likes to drink or eat. That way you can have her favourite tipple and snacks ready for when she arrives. Ask her if there is anything else she might like to make her feel more at home. If you are planning on making a night of it, ask her if there are any films that she would like to watch while you snuggle up on the sofa together.

The more relaxed and comfortable the London escort feels with you the more she will be able to let go and provide you with a really unforgettable experience. A few drinks should help her lose her inhibitions and bring out her wild side!

Dim the lights and put on some nice music for when she arrives. Some sexy, soft jazz will really help create an atmosphere. Ask her to give you a call when she is nearly there so that you can start to touch yourself, thinking about the night ahead. That beautiful girl that you have seen on the website is about to be in your living room! Don't let yourself get over excited. You don't want it to be all over before it has started. Run through in your head some of the things you want your London escort to do to you. Just thinking these thoughts should begin to arouse you, so that when she arrives you will be more than ready to get going.

You know the saying "failing to prepare, is preparing to fail" and this also applies when booking a London escort. Show her you have made an effort and you will be in for a fantastic evening.