Rules of escort dating


In life, there are many rules that we have to follow. If we refuse to do this then there can be grave repercussions. This not only goes for schools and work places but this also goes for escorts as well. While escorts are a lot easier to date than typical women, there are a few things that you will need to adhere to if you want your date to be a success.

So you called the escort agency and they told you the price that it will be to hire the escorts. Don't try to negotiate or barter with the lady. She is a professional just like a doctor or a lawyer so pay her the same respect when it comes to paying her. It is also nice if she has given you a good service to perhaps give her a nice tip too.

Everyone has boundaries. If we did not have, then we would allow people to do with us as they please. Boundaries help protect us in all aspects of our lives. Escorts in London will let you know what their boundaries are. They don't need to explain to you why they have set these as their boundaries, but what they do expect is for you to respect their wishes. If you respect them and respect their boundaries, then your time spent with them will be even better than you expected.

Respect her. Just because you are paying for her time it does not give you the right to treat her as any less than the woman that she is. Open the doors for her and pull out her chair as these are some of the common courtesies that any woman would want. Don't think that for one moment you can speak to her any way you want or treat her in an abusive way and she's obligated to stay. If at any time she feels as though you are not being respectful, then she has every right to walk out and leave you with your arrogant behaviour. Respect is important, so remember to be nice.

Always wear a condom. Most London escorts would encourage you to wear protection. Do not assume that it is ok to take off the condom during a session without her knowing as this also falls in with respecting her boundaries. You want to make a good impression on her and trying to have sex without a condom is not a good way to do it.

Stay within your time limit. If you paid for two hours with the London escorts don't expect them to go over that limit because you felt as though the allotted time was not enough. These ladies are in high demand and just like you appreciated the fact that she got to you on time, another client may be waiting for her and she will not want to disappoint. If you want to spend more time with her then don't hesitate to call the agency and let them know what a great time you had and book her again.

All types of dating has rules and as long as everyone follows these rules then there should be no problems. Dating should always be fun and being on a date with London escorts just makes it all the more special.