Satisfaction with the Tower Hill Escorts


Staying in Tower Hill on business? Why waste a great opportunity to see some of the sights just because you have no one to go with? You may think that booking an escort just means hiring someone for sex but this is not true. The escorts in Tower Hill can not only provide you with some personal satisfaction but can also act as a tour guide showing you all the best places to see and visit.

If you don't scare easily then take a trip to the London Dungeons, containing over a thousand years of London's darkest and goriest history. It has many shows and rides and gives you the perfect opportunity to hold the hand of your Tower Hill escort and make her feel safe. Check when making your booking that your escort hasn't got a faint heart or a nervous disposition! This is definitely the place to head for an educational and chilling day out especially when the weather is not so good.

For more of the capitals history head to the Tower of London. The main tower was built by William Conqueror in the 1080s. He constructed the huge stone at the centre of the London fortress. It is now home to the Crown Jewel's, the priceless symbols of British monarchy. There are several precious ceremonial objects all under twenty four hour surveillance. You or your Tower Hill escort might even spot the six ravens that live at the tower. Legend has it that if they fly away then the tower will fall down.

Take a walk over Tower Bridge and look down at the River Thames. You get an excellent view and there are street vendors selling all kinds of London memorabilia. Buy a few postcards to send back home.

If you or Tower Hill escort fancy a drink then head to the wine library at Trinity Square. There are over four hundred hand picked wines to sample and choose from. So there is definitely something for everyone's palette. Why not select your favourite and then buy a couple of bottles to take back to the hotel with you.

Once back at your hotel your Tower Hill escort can help you unwind and forget about all the meetings and work related things on your mind. Open a bottle of the wine you both picked out earlier and have a few glasses just to really help you to relax. Dim the lights and begin to touch and caress your Tower Hill escort. Increase the sexual energy but kissing her weak spots like behind her ear or on the back of her neck. Make this a sensual and sexy experience by taking your time. Its been a busy day so you don't have much energy for bedroom gymnastics! When booking your Tower Hill escort ask for a lady that provides a full girlfriend experience, so that you wont miss out on any of the kisses or cuddles.

Make the most of your visit by booking one of these sexy Tower Hill escorts today, they are the best London has to offer and can turn a boring dull business trip into a fun and naughty vacation.