The Secrets Escorts Hate Revealed


Are you a PUA, for the uninitiated amongst you, Pick Up Artist, blatantly obvious if you are in the know? If not it could mean anything. The Internet is full of useful tips on PUA strategy all of which are basically geared around one liner’s which if they work are fine, if not its move on time. London escorts would never ask you to move on, and what’s more would not expect PUA tactics to be used during a rendezvous.

PUA is all about being confident, self assured and certain that you can once engaged hold you own in a conversation, which will hopefully lead on to greater things. On the other hand, and I am sure you will encounter this, if as suspected girls are now realising this tactic is being used they will retaliate by turning the whole scenario around on its head. Putting you in the hot seat, not a place you will comfortable with and not an area easy to escape from. Subsequently you may find the solace you seek with a fun loving, glamorous and totally delicious London escort, who is more likely to panda to your every whim and meet with your every desire.

Over the years there have been many PUA tactics deployed from the earliest of literally take what you see, today this of course would be definitely UN-PC, to arranged meetings and finally with the popularity of the club scene the immortal One Liner’s. Deployed over the eons in many form ranging from "Do you come here often" to a more modern day "Can I get your opinion on something". Still very old hat, how about a simple Hi my name is Earl and see where that takes you. Girls today place a lot on straight forwardness and do not take kindly to the slimy approach. By all means use charisma but do not overdo it. Later you may realise that a union with a sympathetic London escort is more likely to meet with your wanton desires.

To really succeed and become very talented at the PUA game takes practise, dedication and the acceptance of knock backs, or in realistic terms constructive criticism, basically you have failed try again. Try to be original, always add compliments to any conversation and most importantly do not talk about sex, well not initially, there is plenty of time for that later. If practise is what you need then pick easy target to build up your confidence, then move on to the challenging pick up’s. Deployed well then PUA can be your best friend, used without consideration it can very quickly become your worst enemy and a nightmare which can take ages to shake off.