The Sexy and the Weird in the World of Hobbies


Hobbies are special activities of interest that help us recreate, relax and act as a special get-away from all the 'madness' that may go on around us. Be it drawing, singing, writing, arts, cultures, music and many more. However, what about women and especially escorts? Many men have acquired a constant habit of visiting London escorts. This isn't bad and on the contrary, it is quite an experience to be with some of the best escorts in the escort industry. Well believe it or not; this is actually a hobby, just like drawing or singing. This is just sexy, and erotic all in one. However, for weird, read on for some hobbies.

Tornado Chasing

This one is a unique one because it falls under three categories, strange, crazy and definitely, dangerous. The hobbyist needs to be very patient, tolerant, and full of adrenaline. You also need a storm expert to guide you as you will need to go as near as possible to the twister. I can imagine the excitement.

Used Female Panties

I'm no pervert at all, but this is a strange one! On a recent episode of Believe it or not, there was a bra collector. He entered his name in the Guinness Book of World Records as having the biggest bra collection ever. In his case, it was bras, now panties? That's another story. The part that most of us would find strange is the asking part. If you considered that approaching a lady was hard, the try approaching a lady for her panties!

Escorts for You

Now this is quite a normal one! For all of you who have had a date with an escort for whatever purpose, you know the thrill they bring. Many have created this as their hobby. Why not? Get in there and indulge all you want. The pleasures of an escort are beyond description and the most excellent way to know this is by getting one yourself. On average, more men would prefer London escorts as compared to one night stands because they are very safe, easily available and also affordable.