Sherlock Holmes and The Baker Street Escorts


With so many gorgeous Baker Street escorts to choose from it may be hard to make a decision! There are glamorous, busty and mature escorts to name just a few so you don't need to worry about not finding the perfect girl for you. Call up and speak to the reception staff as they can tell you about all of the ladies that are available in the Baker street area and recommend the best companion for your needs.

If you are staying in the area or are just planning to visit for the day, there is plenty for you and your Baker Street escort to see and do.

A popular tourist attraction is Madam Tusaads. This fascinating wax works museum is over two hundred years old and lets you get up close and personal with a whole host of different celebrities. You and your Baker Street escort can take photos of yourselves standing with David Beckham, Margaret Thatcher or Cheryl Cole. Have fun convincing people that you actually met all of these famous celebrities on your trip to London.

Across the street is the Auditorium more commonly known as the Planetarium. It used to be an exhibition showing anything space related but has now been transformed into an arena which is currently the home of the 3D superheroes show. Take your Baker Street escort here for a bit of fun on a rainy day.

Or visit the Sherlock Holmes museum at 221b Baker Street. Home to Sherlock Holmes the famous detective and his side kick John H Watson between 1881 and 1904, the museum showcases their life story. It is interesting and educational and provides some great London history.

There are a few bars and cafés along Baker Street although they can often be quite busy as it is an area highly populated with tourists. Beware of pick pockets that operate in this area. The last thing you want to do is lose your wallet or mobile phone.

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So if you are planning on visiting Baker Street for any reason and find yourself alone and with nothing to do, remember the Baker Street escorts are only a phone call away, waiting to spice up your trip.