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London is without a doubt the most interesting and historically rich capital in the world. It is the most influential city in the world and is visited by thousands of tourists every year. You are spoilt for choice when it comes to attractions in London. There is so much to see and do that it's impossible to fit everything in to one day. You would need at least a month to even begin to explore this fascinating city.

Visiting the capital doesn't have to cost a fortune. Some popular tourist attractions are expensive, but there is a lot of interesting and educational places that you can visit completely free of charge. The money you save can be put towards hiring one of the sexy escorts London has to offer. As you can imagine there are hundreds of ladies to choose from but Diamond Escorts have the most unique selection of English and international beauties.

Here are some places that you can take your chosen escort in London where you can both learn a thing or two about the history of this interesting city. The best thing about these places of interest is that they are all free of charge, leaving you plenty of money left to spoil your London escort later.

The British museum is a good place to start. They have amazing collections of historic memorabilia along with special exhibitions including one based on ancient Egypt where they have a display of mummies. There are also lots of exhibitions detailing the history of world wars I and II. For more war history, take your London escorts to the Imperial War museum which tells the story of those who have lived, fought and died in the conflicts.

Stop off at the National Maritime museum. You and the escorts in London can recall the romance of the great ocean liners, appreciate the beauty of Prince Fredericks Golden Barge and really explore the conventional history of trade across the Atlantic.

If Art is more your thing then head to the famous Tate Gallery situated on the bank of the River Thames. This national museum of modern and contemporary art has exhibitions from well acclaimed artists such as Damien Hirst, and Gauguin. If you or your London escort are wondering about the shape of the building, you may be surprised to learn that it was in fact once a power station. For slightly more conventional art head to the National Gallery, which is the crowning glory of Trafalgar square. It's a vast space filled to the brim with Western European paintings from the thirteenth to nineteenth century. You and your escort in London can admire work from the likes of Van Gogh, Da Vinci, Boltichelli and Renoir to name a few.

To relax and unwind away from the hustle and bustle of city life head to Hyde Park, one of the greatest city parks in the world covering over three hundred and fifty acres. There are over four thousand trees, ornamental flower gardens and a large lake. It is also home to the Princess Diana memorial. This is a great place to take your London escort for a picnic or just to relax in the sunshine.

There are some great restaurants in London all offering a variety of world cuisines. For something a little French, make your way to Spitalfields market where you will find the trendy Androuet. It has an impressive interior with graceful chandeliers, and tall mirrors making it stylish and cosy. They have a cracking wine list and your London escort will enjoy the friendly and welcoming atmosphere. For a taste of the Caribbean head to Mango in Camden. This well reviewed restaurant serves fantastic home cooked food in a bright and charismatic dining room. There is a subtle reggae soundtrack and friendly waiters making it a really fun dining experience.

So you have had a few drinks and hopefully feel at ease with your London escort. There isn't the hassle of worrying whether she will sleep with you or not like if you had met a girl on an evening out in your home town. This is guaranteed, so freshen up and get ready for the time of your life with one of the best escorts London has to offer.