Summer Blues Banished by a London Escort


Summer is with us, at last, the weather is wonderful and what does that normally mean - its parade time. Out come the summer skimpies showing off all of those places that have been buried and covered with heavy and impenetrable winter and spring clothing. Thank goodness for summer, it is the one time of the year where not a lot is left to the imagination and boy does that feel good. From early morning to late evening your eyes are diverted in the direction of summer beauty. Eye candy abounds, just like our young escorts, flaunting all of their assets for the world to see. And believe me it is done with purpose and moreover intent. We mere mortal men are like bees around a honey pot, taken in by the sweet scent of youthfulness and wild yearnings, which have to be controlled. A London escort would love this sort of attention, but would not expect you to control those wild desires. In fact you would be actively encouraged to follow through your thoughts into passionate and action packed physical derision. Something our girls are expert at bringing out in mere mortals.

The summer, what we get of it, should be the time to sow those wild oats of passion and desire, the feel good factor is at its height and everyone is feeling great about the world. The normally frigid and hard to get females allow their guards to drop, thus making them more vulnerable to our sometimes rudimentary attempts at chat up. Go on lads fill your boots, the harvest is ready to be reaped. Make fun while the sun shines. Our laid back London escorts love this time of the year, their passions are aroused their senses heightened, allowing enjoyment to abound, fantasies to be achieved and climax met.

What sounds more appealing, a quiet night out with the lads strumpet watching, but never really getting anywhere, accepting the inevitable, a few more beers and bed on you own, after the pre-requisite grease bound kebab, or would you sooner get in on the action and make a move on a warm, seductive and willing London escort who will not only promise you the earth but also deliver it in style. A lust bound encounter full of promise, enjoyment and hard core passion. Well I have made my mind up, I’m off to make a call, and not one of nature, one to deliver me to Valhalla, the Promised Land, one which will make my day complete. Go on give it a go, what have you got to lose? Absolutely nothing, in fact its all win, win and tonight you could hit the jackpot.