Do They Really Want A Bad Boy?


What do woman want? ...No one knows. Just kidding! What woman want is typically the same for all women. Where men get confused is how much of something they provide. You're confused, aren't you? Aren't we all! If there is anything true about woman, it is that they are all confusing, but they do know what they want... you just have to give it to them in a certain way or amount,. Most of the things woman fiend need and desire should come with instructions on the dosage. Yes, woman do like bad boys, but if you're in and out of jail, have no job other than pushing drugs, they're going to avoid you like the plague. What woman mean by wanting a bad boy is someone who is adventurous, confident and won't let them walk all over them. Plenty of women are just as, or even more powerful than men in this era, so there is a great deal of competition there. Woman appreciate a good challenge, and the second they have the upper hand, you have lost the game.

In addition to not giving woman the upper hand, you have to let them win sometimes. Okay, so your girlfriend is mad that you're constantly out with the guys... let her win! After holding your ground for a few of these arguments, have a weekend set aside for just you and her. The worst thing a man can do is ask "How high", when their woman says "Jump!" Stand your ground and know how to work your woman. You have to know when to give it and when you need to let your woman be mad at you for a bit so you can do what you want.

Woman want a bad boy, but only half of the dosage most of men give. The best thing for you is to erase that pre-existing idea that you have of a bad boy! Cheating, being a liar and disrespectful isn't going to keep your woman coming back for more, but a little button-pushing sure will. It is all about knowing the type of woman you have and what is too much, or not enough. Our Hammersmith escorts love a bad boy in a naughty way, they love nothing more than meeting new guys that know what they want especially in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, on the stairs and not forgetting the bathroom! Most London escorts will always please and are always open to new idea's as long as there is a mutual respect between both parties