The Ultimate Girlfriend Experience in St Albans


Sometimes the single life can get you down. While it's great to be a free spirit and not have to answer to anyone, it can get lonely, especially on those cold winter nights. It can be depressing not having anyone to share those intimate moments with. After a hard day at the office you may want to just have a chat about your day with someone who will listen. Well at Diamond Escorts we have a whole host of stunning and beautiful ladies who can provide you with the ultimate girlfriend experience.

These St Albans escorts specialize in making you feel like you are part of a real couple. They can do all the things a regular girlfriend would do like holding your hand, kissing you softly and cuddling up to you.

If you have been invited to a function or an event and don't want to go alone then the St Albans escorts can accompany you. No one need know that you are in fact a single bachelor. Have a chat with her before the appointment and give her some background information. Discuss what you will say if people ask you questions such as how long you have been together or where you both met. Her focus will be on you for the entire evening. You will be the envy of every guy there as you walk in hand in hand with a beautiful and sophisticated lady.

Even if you just fancy a trip to the cinema or a meal out in a nice restaurant, the St Albans escorts would be more than happy to go with you and act like you are together. Treat her like you would any other girlfriend, by being a gentleman. Open doors for her pull out her chair for her and buy her some flowers.

Even if you don't feel like going out and just feel like having a romantic night in, there are lots of St Albans escorts who would love to come and spend some time with you. Choose a lady from the website that offers the full girlfriend experience. When she arrives take her coat and ask if she would like something to eat or drink. Make her feel comfortable. It may be worth booking for a few hours to really appreciate the full experience.

Cuddle up together on the sofa and watch a good DVD. Hold each other's hands and kiss each other softly. Really relax in each other's company and enjoy your time together. Once things start to heat up you can take your St Albans escort to the bedroom for some one on one action. Make the most of the foreplay and explore each other's bodies. Ask her to look in to your eyes as she gives you some amazing oral sex. This will deepen the connection between you both. Ask her how she likes to be touched and what turns her on, this way you can be assured that when she starts moaning and groaning it will be for real and she won't be faking it.

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