Warning - Multi-website Ownership Same Girls


This seems to be the new fad on the Internet, a so called premier number one London escorts agency that uses multiple sites to advertise its business. What is wrong with that I hear you say, surely that is entrepreneurial? Well yes of course it is if all you read was believable, but this, in most cases is not factual, a myth that adds even more distrust to our illustrious industry. An industry that is currently fighting against the ongoing recession, so in all honesty it certainly does not need additional adverse press or unscrupulous operators bringing the industry down to even lower depths of distrust.

There are many elements to this high impact, new wave of advertising, but two or three suspicious characteristics stick out like a sore thumb, a blot on the London escorts landscape. These inter-related sites all seem to advertise the same glamorous and voluptuous escorts in London, but get this, different names, nationalities and where the company has tried to substantiate its superiority in the London escorts agency marketplace, higher fee structures as well. Now that is not business that is falsification through an uncontrolled advertising medium to attract new business associates and then completely and utterly fleece them. Not before of course conning them by these devious means of advertising through inter-linked multiple sites. In most cases all linking back to the original parent site which more than likely advertises low cost fees. In other words, you have been had!

One of the favoured scams is to provide a new glitzy renamed website which offers the odd new escort in London photograph and profile, mixed in with the good old loyal and trusted images, possibly presented in new poses, attire and back drops, but in essence, the same girls. The catch is of course the new image, the question is does this delectable lovely actually exist or is it a scam photo to heighten your interest and capture your intent to procure this company's services? Clever in its execution but cloaked in deceit, is this something you, the discerning and prestigious client of our industry, would expect from a reputable and honest London escorts agency? Furthermore, could you ever place trust in a business that uses these devious methods to attract its client base in the range of services they provide?

You have to ask yourself the question, as a potential client of this type of business, how these exceptional London escorts could work for multiple agencies, seemingly on the same nights and even more confusingly in postal regions that are miles apart from each other and not suspicious then that it just happens that way? Do not be seduced by the glamour and glitz, do your homework first. These deceitful operators can easily be tracked down using the tools that they favour to try and dupe you with - the internet, friend to many but an enemy if used deceitfully. Happy hunting.