The Love-Hate Relationship of Men and Work

We all know how work can be such a drag, especially during Mondays, the first day of the working week, when everyone is running late because they partied too hard the night before, they went on a weekend trip or they’re just too lazy to get out of bed because they were up all night watching movies. Whatever your reason is, Mondays can be such a slow and sluggish day, especially for the nocturnal ones, and if that’s not enough damage, most of us accomplish only 3 hours worth of workload when we should be finishing an approximate of 9 hours worth, plus the fact that we complain about everything almost every hour until lunch time, and then continue to moan and whine about so many things until it’s time to leave. At the end of the day, our productivity is at an all-time low. And there’s no one else to blame but ourselves.

According to our observations, Monday, being the first day of the week and the first day after the weekend, is the adjustment or transition phase. Our mindset over the weekend is to socialise and have fun, and while Monday comes at an unwelcome time, we all have to deal with it, so it is normal for men to feel that they are being robbed of another day to spend the rest of the day in bed, doing nothing. Our bodies are conditioned to work five days a week, and rest for two days, but in those two days, not all of it goes towards rest entirely. Most of us have to do chores, run errands, go out with a London escort and even have sex, and when you add it all up, two days just isn’t enough, so our minds are screaming to have the Monday off, but the world is telling us to get up and get our Asses out the door.

In order to overcome this love-hate affair with Mondays, you must find ways to accept that it has a permanent spot in your calendar.

First, get connected. While it is not advisable to go online during the first hour of the day because it can keep you distracted, it’s best to get yourself into the loop of things. Find out what’s been happening on your network and check in with friends. You will need all the distractions you can for you not to hate your Monday. Do that and the rest of your week will turn out to be fine.

But if getting you motivated doesn’t fix it, try picking your brain. Schedule for a brainstorming session with your colleagues on a Monday, the earlier the better. If you can get your brain to function as early as 8am, you’ll forget that you ever dreaded this day.

And last but not least, spread some positivity. If you hate your Mondays enough, then imagine how others compare to you. Do something positive such as walk, jog or maybe listen to some good music and send out some positive vibes into the universe. Before you know it, you’ll be dancing your way to the office without even thinking about it.