Loving London with my Beautiful Escort

"CindySpice, you are an amazing woman."

Hello London! That was my motto for three beautiful nights and two and a half days. They say that what happens in London stays in London, how true that is. At least it is for me. I had never been to London before though I'd had the opportunity to go once before but just didn't think it smart at the time. Looking back I'm grateful that I didn't go when I had the chance because I don't think I would have done all that I did this time, probably not even half.

Flying into London at night is a sight to see. All the lights from the hotels, casinos, and business' are just breath taking. I'm not from a small city and it isn't like I've never seen city lights from the sky, but just something about seeing a new city from the night sky when it is all lighted, it is just magical to me. I had made plans before I even left home so I knew I was going to have a great time. I had looked into the club scene and had mapped out the clubs that were on my "must do" list. My co-workers had told me of restaurants, hotels, casinos and places to stop in and sight see, but none knew what I was really going for. They all thought my talk of the clubs was just that, talk. How little did they know?

The Internet has a funny sense of humor. I was looking for BDSM clubs in London when suddenly an Escort site came up on my computer screen. Interesting but not what I was looking for. I must say that there are some very beautiful escorts in London. I found all the clubs that caught my attention and met my desires but something drew my attention back to the escort site. I began to look at the escorts personal profiles and websites to see if there was something more to their pictures they displayed. Some of the women were quite bold in what they liked to do, while others were less than interesting in the brains department, while a few were definitely worth more looks. There were three that caught my undivided attention.

Two of the women, their pictures showed no faces, just their bodies in lingerie. Their profiles were of their height, weight and other measurements. Both quite fetching to look at and if anywhere near their stated measurements, they were sure to be superb in the physical form. However as I read their profiles, something just seemed dull. No sense of true passion, they were just a body for sex. Now I enjoy sex as much as anyone, but if I'm going to hire an escort, I want more than just a willing body, I want a participant not just in body, but in spirit and mind.

The third woman, her photo was just a simple headshot that you'd expect of a model. The photo was very attractive, tasteful and up-front. Her profile was something else completely. She invited you to get to know her through her website and then if you had questions that her site didn't answer to call or email her and that she'd be happy to answer all your questions no matter if you thought them stupid. I emailed her because I wasn't sure about just calling an escort. I'd never hired an escort before and where I live, they are almost non-existent. The email she sent right away showed how much care she took in potential clients needs, desires and never once came across as routine. The first time we spoke on the phone, she at once made me feel at ease and bolstered my confidence in dealing with such an attractive woman. I kept thinking, "she is too good to be true", but the more we talked, her mostly answering my questions I began to feel like I had known her most of my life. This was the woman I wanted to spend time with in London.

We made a date for one of the days I'd be in London. I felt like a teenager going on my first date with the school beauty queen. I called her to confirm my hotel and my safe arrival. I couldn't sleep the night before, and was up early and then took two showers to make sure that I would not present a poor first impression. I was impressed when she pulled up to my hotel driving a fine sports car. I'm no major car buff, but her ride was sweet and had lots of power when and where it needed to be. She jumped out of the car and gave me a very nice hug to greet me. The hug alone nearly stopped my heart. Seeing pictures of her, and then seeing her in the flesh and getting to hold her close. The feel of her body in that short moment of time is a memory I shall forever cherish. I've never been a real ladies man, so the attention of this lovely lady was most welcomed and needed.

She could handle this powerful car with ease as I watched her pull away from my hotel to go for dinner. Zipping through traffic all the while holding a conversation I was beginning to think I'd found my soul mate. She was intelligent, witty, sensitive, caring, and a million other things that make a woman wonderful. Looks and brains a great personality so much to offer and she is my "date". I could see the eyes of men on her when we got out of her car to go into the restaurant. I couldn't hide the smile when I saw a few envious glares that she was with me. As we were seated in booth, she slides around to be next to me. The waiter took notice and had to look away when he caught my knowing look. Her movements had given the waiter a perfect show of her deep cleavage. Never during dinner did the conversation ever seem to grow dull or forced, it just flowed easily like two long lost friends. Her personality showed her strengths, her determination and desire for life.

The light touches became tender caresses. I could stare for days into her eyes and hear her sweet voice sing me to sleep each night. Nothing about this woman said typical, everything screamed amazing. After dinner, and back into her car it was off to the Strip and to play my tour guide. She told me of her adventures as an escort, what she gets out of her "dates" more than just money I'm happy to say. I began to learn how very fortunate I was in choosing her. I knew of the dangers of hiring an escort, but I dare say I only knew a few. She told me that some of the escorts are unfortunately on drugs, and they do more things with their clients then is safe. They take great risks for money and drugs and that's very sad. I could hear the pain in her voice as she spoke of these young women whose lives can and most likely will be ruined for drugs and money, or they pick the wrong client and are severely beaten and worse. She had been fortunate in that none of the serious bad had ever come her way.

She completed my tour of the Strip and returned to my hotel. It felt nice having her with me as we walked through the lobby to go to my room. Once in the room, nothing was rushed. I'm a romantic and I enjoy taking my time. She lit some candles then slowly undressed down to her thong. I enjoyed exploring her body, learning every curve and muscle, and hearing her soft breathing. Just caressing her body was nearly overwhelming. We continued talking softly in the candlelight. Slow and delicate, her skin warm and soft. When she rolled over to her back, my breath caught in my throat. I had watched her undress, but the image of her lying on my bed nearly naked was awe-inspiring. She gave me a mischievous smile, then removed her thong. I know I began for a time trying to control myself, I was shaking with desire I didn't want her to think I had no control. That smile never left her lips; she just reclined back and allowed me to continue my exploration of her body.

Our coupling was quiet, not the screaming, headboard banging wild sex that so many expect. It was slow to build up, and lasted through what time seemed to stand still for. The feel of her body as she climaxed, her soft cries, in complete harmony. After, we cuddled one another, caressed and kissed gently. I had read that men who hire certain types of escorts are seeking the "GFE" girlfriend experience. Having never before hired an escort, I wasn't seeking the girlfriend experience, I was seeking something more. I wanted the intimacy and the passion, not just sex. In truth, if we had not had sex that would have been fine with me. Spending time with her is a memory I shall always remember with great fondness. I learned a lot about myself from her. I think, no I know that a part me fell in love with her. She holds so many wonderful characteristics many that I seek in my soul mate that it would be so easy to fall head over heals in love with her.

When our time was up, she dressed and asked if I'd like to walk her back out to her car. Another heart stopping hug from her and into her car she went. I walked away back to my hotel; I turned to watch her leave a part of my heart going with her. She was a very special woman, and made my first time in London a time to always remember. I called her from the airport a couple of days later before I was flying out. It was bittersweet to hear her voice again. I wanted to thank her again for the wonderful date I'd had with her and to commit her voice to memory as well. I had a wild time to say the least when I was in London; she, CindySpice was one that will forever hold a special place in my heart. I have only told two people some of what I did while in London, so it is pretty true that what happens in London, stays in London.