How to make her Climax

Hitting a woman's magic button and giving her that orgasm that she so rightly deserves is every man's fantasy. So men aren't sure if they really are doing the job right or if the brunette escorts in London are faking it. Whatever your past is with women and orgasms, that's just where it should remain, in the past. Here are a few tips that will help you get the brunette escort to orgasm like she's never had an orgasm before.

Well as you may have noticed, sex has a lot to do with the senses, our biggest problem however is the majority of time we use only three out of the five senses during sex, sight, touch and taste. The reality is if we incorporate another sense, which is smell, we'll be surprised at how heightened the brunette escorts libidos will get. By using smells such as cologne or even baby powder, this will activate her libido and get her in the mood for having sex.

Another thing to note is that women, even brunette escorts, love to warm their feet. So here's the deal, you'll need to warm those feet up. Give her a luxury foot massage to help her to relax and get cosy, but not too cosy now! Try using a warming gel to heat things up a bit faster. Her feet are closely related to her genitals so if you want her to climax take care of her feet.

Giving the brunette escorts oral sex the right way can get her blood pumping and keep her orgasms coming. When focusing down below, don't only focus on her clit. Focus in the sensitive areas between her lips that are usually forgotten. Remember that if she is not fully aroused that you may be applying too much pressure on her clit and causing her pain instead of satisfaction. One fool proof way of giving her the kind of action that she wants is by lying on your back and placing her on top of you.

As you can already tell, getting her to climax has a lot to do with touch, so why not get a feather tickler or even learn a few massage tricks as you caress her body. One place to concentrate on is her spine, the right side to be exact. Stroking the right side of her spine will get her to that jelly-like point that you want her. Do not just do straight strokes however but try them with a little curve to them.

Brunette escorts would prefer to go on a second date with a man that can help them to reach an orgasm rather than a man that tips well, however if they get both they are equally as happy. So there you have it! Now go out and have an explosive time.